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Amagam Software - we make 3d facebook games.
Amagam Software - we make casual games for
Facebook, Android, PC, Mac and Linux.
Amagam Software - we make 3d facebook games.
Member of the Casual Games Association and the
International Game Developers Association.

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Customer Support

This page is designed to help you with any problems you may be experiencing. It should answer the most frequently asked questions and will help you to solve any technical issues that might come up. If you have a more serious issue, whether it is regarding abusive or inappropriate behavior in a game by another user, or if you have problems with a payment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

System Requirements

All of our games are designed to run on older computers, and should work fine even if you do not have a super-powerful gaming rig with all the latest hardware. That said, if you have problems running a game, it can usually be fixed by downloading and installing the latest versions of everything.

We have tested our games on Windows XP, Vista and 7, as well as Mac OSX. For Mac owners running 64-bit computers, try running your web browser in 32-bit mode if you have problems.

The first thing to try if you cannot play our games is to get the latest version of Adobe Shockwave. You need at least version 11.5.6r606.

To see what version of shockwave you currently have on your system, go to http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/ and check what version you are running. It is listed in small letters underneath the shockwave logo.

Adobe Shockwave version 11.5.6r606

How to install Adobe Shockwave

To upgrade your existing version of shockwave, or to install it for the first time, please follow these three steps:

1. Go to http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/ and click the "agree and install now" button to download the shockwave installer. If you are running Internet Explorer, you might have to click a security warning bar that will appear on the top of the page to continue. For all other browsers, simply save the installation file to your desktop.

Download Adobe Shockwave

2. Exit your web browser and close all windows. Shockwave will not update your web browser plugin until you restart it, so don't leave it running during the installation.

Run the installer program.

3. Run the installer program that your downloaded by finding it where you saved it (on your desktop). Double-click the file and follow the prompts, giving permission if you are asked. You need to be logged in as an administrator for the program to have the security permissions to update your web plugins. If you are not an administrator, in most cases you can right-click the installer and select "run as administrator".

You will see this screen if shockwave installed correctly.

Done! Now you can open your browser again and try the game.

Still having problems?

If you are still having problems, the next step would be to upgrade your web browser. Our games have been tested to work on Firefox 3.6, Chrome 3 and 4, Opera 10, Safari 3, as well as Microsoft IE7 and IE8. You can generally upgrade your web browser by going to the "About" screen and clicking a button similar to "Check for updates". If you have problems in one browser, try another!

Your browser is: CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

Finally, if you are sure you have the newest version of Adobe Shockwave and you have updated your web browser to the latest version, the next step is to make sure that your video card drivers are up to date. Even if the games work on your computer, we find that new video drivers generally increase performance so it is always a good idea to stay up to date so you get the fastest framerate possible.

Depending on what kind of graphics card you have, you can go to the manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers for free:

nVidia website (nVidia download page) - for users with geForce, etc.
ATI website (ATI download page) - for users with Radeon, etc.