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Amagam Software - we make 3d facebook games.
Amagam Software - we make casual games for
Facebook, Android, PC, Mac and Linux.
Amagam Software - we make 3d facebook games.
Member of the Casual Games Association and the
International Game Developers Association.

Creators of:
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About Amagam Software - Read more about the company. Find out about Amagam: what we do, our values and goals. What are casual games? What are social games?

Screenshots - View in-game screenshot images of in-game graphics. Check out some of our great 3d graphics, and see what the games look like.

Privacy Policy - We take your privacy very seriously. We never share your information without your permisson, we never sell mailing lists, and we never send spam. You can read our complete policy regarding privacy here.

Customer Support - Answers to frequently asked questions, problem-solving, hints and directions to solve common technical issues. You will find links to download the latest drivers and plugins here, so you can get the games up and running quickly and easily.

Contact Us - We value our customers. If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, whether you have a great idea for a new feature, want to send us compliments or constructive criticism, or if you have billing inquiries or problems with a payment, we welcome you to contact us.