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Amagam Software - we make 3d facebook games.
Amagam Software - we make casual games for
Facebook, Android, PC, Mac and Linux.
Amagam Software - we make 3d facebook games.
Member of the Casual Games Association and the
International Game Developers Association.

Creators of:
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About Amagam Software

Amagam Software specializes in developing high quality videogames that can be enjoyed by everyone. We are a small business with real live people behind the emails. We care about our users, and we love what we do. We make 3d facebook games. We make online games. We make casual games. We make social games.

What are social games? Social games are the future of the gaming industry. Appealing to a wide demographic, social games are fun to play, easy to learn, challenging and rewarding. Social games encourage users to interact with each other. You can share your high scores with friends, challenge each other, and help each other complete quests. You can send in-game gifts to each other. You can visit your friends in the game. You can invite others to join you. To put it simply, social games are video games that encourage social interation between real people.

What are casual games? Casual games are easy to learn, simple to play, and don't require a manual to figure out. They are designed to be fun without needing a hundred hours of training or hard core hand-eye-reflexes. Casual games don't beat you down, they provide mental challenges without relying upon negative experiences. You don't have to be a gamer to enjoy them, and you don't have to play for a dozen hours at a time. Casual games can be played in bite-sized chunks, for 5 minutes at a time, on and off, during meetings or while riding the bus. Casual games don't need giant downloads or top of the line computers. They work on older PCs and Macs, and generally can be played using just the mouse. Casual games provide a mental workout and a fun diversion, but aren't meant to change your world view or demand expertise. Casual games are designed to appeal to a wider demographic than so-called hard-core games. Casual games are played by both women and men of all ages, young and old alike. Finally everyone can play videogames - kids, teens, parents, grandparents and everyone in between. They are fun for the sake of fun, and everyone is invited.